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Your VISA® Debit Card

Get cash and make purchases more quickly and easily

Although your VISA® Debit Card from F&M Bank carries the VISA® logo, it's not a credit card. Rather, it's an enhanced ATM card. Use it at automated teller machines (ATMs) or to make purchases from your checking account without writing a check.

You don't need a separate ATM card when you have a VISA® Debit Card. It performs the same functions. Use it at any convenient ATM. Swipe the card, enter your PIN and walk away with the cash you need.

Pay from your checking account without writing a check

Leave your checkbook at home. A VISA® Debit Card functions similarly to a check without the hassle of writing a check, showing ID and waiting for approval. Use your VISA® Debit Card instead of a check at all locations that display VISA® or Interlink logos.

No matter where you use your card, a detailed description of every transaction you make will appear on your regular monthly checking account statement.

Use debit instead of credit

For those times you prefer the convenience of using a card to pay for your purchases but don't wish to use a credit card, use your VISA® Debit Card. The funds will come directly from your checking account.

Merchants who accept VISA® Credit Cards also accept VISA® Debit Cards. The transaction is handled the same way. All you have to do is sign the receipt or enter your PIN. What could be simpler?

Stop by to open your new checking account with a debit card today! Plus, read about FraudWatch Plus, things to remember about your debit card, security tips regarding your debit card and how to report a stolen or lost debit card.

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